Gwen Stefani Crashes Blake Shelton’s Stage At Music Festival

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For the first time since his July 3rd wedding, Blake Shelton took the stage for a live audience. Actually, it was his first show in well over a year!

Country Thunder in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin served as Shelton’s first show…and a warm up for his upcoming Friends and Heroes Tour, which kicks off on August 18 in Omaha, Nebraska.


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After his full set, Shelton was tlaking about how he hadn’t performed on a stage in a year-and-a-half when his wife of less than a month, Gwen Stefani, walked out from backstage.

Almost immediately, his band started playing “Don’t Speak,” which she released with her band No Doubt in 1995. Shelton took a step back and played guitar for her on that song before they performed their #1 duet “Happy Anywhere.”

Watch the surprise “Don’t Speak” performance below.