Gwen Stefani Reveals Big Surprise That Almost Became A “Deal Breaker” With Blake Shelton

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Youtube

Country music singer Blake Shelton and pop icon Gwen Stefani have quickly progressed from a budding romance while coaching on NBC’s hit show The Voice to an incredibly loving relationship that often sends fans and bystanders into dire hopes for a future marriage! However, it seems that one profound issue didn’t sit too well with Stefani, as one of Shelton’s dislikes posed as a potential “deal breaker” for the No Doubt front woman, according to her interview with host Jimmy Fallon.

Stefani joked with the comedian about his past comedy segments with Shelton, allowing the conversation to transition to her hunky boyfriend as the two reminisced on the country star’s first time trying sushi with the host. The “Rich Girl” singer gave the fans an inside scoop in Shelton’s response after the segment aired, admitting that the couple went out to sushi that evening, in which every guest in the restaurant instantly recognized the country star due to his sushi experience that aired on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “It was like the whole world has watched it, and I felt so bad ‘cuz he really is like a country boy. He does not like going out,” the singer admitted as she confessed that she firmly believes Shelton is much happier sporting camouflage print and hanging in the woods!

Speaking of Shelton’s firsts, Stefani was thrilled to inform Fallon and his audience of the crooners first trip to Disneyland, one in which she personally treated him to a day of rollercoasters and fun! The pop star admitted that she was nervous to take her southern hunk to the theme park, explaining that although she has grown accustomed to the general lack of privacy and constant photography, she felt as if Shelton would have a difficult time adjusting for such an outing.

Fallon was intrigued with Shelton’s first Disneyland endeavor, eager to hear what rollercoasters the two enjoyed. However, Stefani admitted to the host, “He doesn’t do rollercoasters.” Fallon was in disbelief as the blonde bombshell admitted, “It was almost a deal breaker for me!” Although the audience was shocked that one of country music’s biggest bad asses was anything but a rollercoaster junkie, Stefani gave light to the situation by explaining just how big the singer truly is and how uncomfortable a small seat can be when you’re experiencing flips and high speeds.

Don’t be dismayed, as Shelton’s first trip was still complete with a quick ride on The Matterhorn and It’s A Small World, two of Disneyland’s most popular rides.

That was a close one! Would your significant other not enjoying rollercoasters be a deal breaker for you?