Heinz Launches New Condiment-Flavored Ice Cream

Heinz UK / Facebook

Most of us can agree that ketchup, mayonnaise, and bbq sauce belong on hot dogs and burgers but what about putting those condiments in your ice cream?

Heinz has just announced the launch of limited edition, DIY ice cream kits this week, and they come in flavors that only Heinz can pull off. The product, which is currently only available in the U.K., has been named Heinz Creamz.


The available flavors are ketchup, mayo, salad, saucy sauce, and bbq.

The DIY “Heinz Creamz” kits include the accessories you need to make the no-churn ice cream, including the sauce of your choice, your chosen recipe, a golden scoop, a golden spoon and a branded reusable tub to serve it in.


For those of us who don’t live in the UK, we’ll stick to keeping these condiments on our burgers and hotdogs.

For those what are curious about what Heinz Creamz taste like but are unable to get their own, check out the video below for a syrupy tomato with vanilla ice cream recipe.