Homeless Teen Gets Golden Buzzer After Tear-Jerking Performance

YouTube/America's Got Talent

Shaking from nerves, this young girl stood in front of the panel preparing to perform, but there was something making her even more nervous…

Along with the traditional panel of four judges on America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel, sat a new 5th member: a guest judge! And he happened to be one of young Jayna Brown’s favorite singers!

Louis Tomlinson, from boy band One Direction, sat squarely in the middle of the judges panel and greeted 14-year-old Jayna to the stage, giving her a very welcoming “hello!”.

Immediately following the judges getting some preliminary information from her and commenting on her age and the fact that her hands were visibly shaking, they gave a warm welcome to her proud mama who was seated just off the side of the stage in the audience.

Without further ado, the teen begins sweetly singing the first few lines of Andra Day’s “Rise Up” – a smooth and flowing R&B hit with incredible soul.

The entire house fell completely silent as she dazzled them with her incredible vocal prowess.

When she’d completed the performance, she lowered her microphone to see all five judges standing in applause for her – along with the audience!

It’s not just one thing with you,” Louis begins critiquing her. “It’s not just the voice, it’s not just the performance – you have everything and it’s so infectious to watch your performance. So….”

You can hear the audience gasp as he raises his hand just before slamming the coveted golden buzzer and running up to the stage to congratulate her with a hug!

Watch this stunning performance and amazing moment in the video below!