Horse Farts – Scares Little Girl And Himself

Amusing Michele Youtube

One little girl and her horse were given the scare of a lifetime when his bodily function just about broke the sound barrier! Walking down a dirt path surrounded by an abundance of beautiful greenery and trees, the darling child and her horse casually made their way down the alluring trail.

Amusing Michele / YouTube

As she trots back to her pet, she feeds him a handful of weeds before taking off and letting the animal follow her lead. The little girl runs just before the woman recording, ducking under a rope fence and greeting her horse from the other side.

Amusing Michele / YouTube

While approaching the girl, the horse let out a monster fart that not only shocked him, but sent the child running while letting out a quick scream!

Amusing Michele / YouTube

“What was that?” the woman asked the little girl, now sprinting back to her horse after the huge surprise of passed gas. Viewers were in a laughing fit over the clip, sharing their own gassy stories or simply expressing the comic relief this encounter gave them.

You can watch the hilarious clip below!