How Are The Characters In “1883” Related To The “Yellowstone” Duttons

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On December 19th, the highly anticipated show 1883 will premiere on Paramount+. For months, we’ve heard all about the casting news, saw teasers trailers, and are waiting with bated breath for the first episode.

The show was first announced with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill playing James and Margaret Dutton, ancestors of the Dutton family from the show Yellowstone. The new show will follow their characters as they travel from Texas to Montana to make a new life for themselves and show all the struggles along the way.

One thing that was always a question for us, was: How are the 1883 Duttons related to the Yellowstone Duttons? Brecken Merill, who plays Tate Dutton, Kayce’s son and John’s grandson, revealed that Tim and Faith were his character’s great-great-grandparents, making them John’s grandparents. Turns out, Brecken was mistaken.

In a recent episode of Yellowstone, Kevin Costner’s John Dutton tells his daughter Beth that his great-grandfather built the lodge they were standing in. In a recent interview promoting 1883, Tim McGraw confirmed he and Faith are the great grandparents of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton.

There was a little confusion because James and Margaret’s youngest son in 1883 is named John, who is played by youngster Audie Rick.

That John is John Sr, his son is John Jr., and Kevin Costner’s character is actually John Dutton III. John Dutton Jr. appeared in the Season 2 finale episode of Yellowstone, and was played by Dabney Coleman.

“I think you’ll see that with our characters. I think you’ll see it with Isabel and Margaret. You’ll see where some of Beth Dutton comes from,” Tim said. “And I certainly think with James, with his love of family and determination to do anything for his family, regardless of the rules, regardless of what’s for right or wrong, regardless of what the world might think, he will do anything for his family. And I think you’ll see that from James to Kevin. But Faith also likes to say that she thinks that since she’s Kevin’s great-grandmother that he looks more like her than he does me.”

No matter how the Dutton family is related, we are very excited for the premiere of 1883!