Kentucky Woman Reunites With Her Dog After Losing Her In Tornado

NOS / Facebook

Dutch journalist Lucas Waagmeester was filming footage of the devastating aftermath of the tornado that hit Mayfield, Kentucky when he captured the moment a pet and pet owner reunited.

The woman in the video told Lucas she had been looking for the dog for several days and was outside searching for her again when she emerged from a pile of rubble.

NOS / Facebook

The dog owner overcome with emotions ran towards her pooch and met her with a big hug. The dog jumped up with excitement wagging his tail and licking her on the face.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. Come here my baby,” she said in the video as the two reunited.

NOS / Facebook

She told journalists that the powerful tornado completely destroyed her home, blowing it 20 feet away from its original foundation. She and the dog were in the home at the time the tornado hit and after it was over she was nowhere to be seen.

“The power went out, the house started shaking, we were lifted up and we lost the dog,” she said.

The tornado was the deadliest twister to touch down in the state in over 130 years killing more than 74 people.

He shared the heartwarming video on Facebook and it has since gone viral amassing thousands of views. Check out the video below!