How Bullies’ Attacks Changed Carrie Underwood Forever

Credit: YouTube/Much

“I don’t know if I can do this,” the country superstar confessed in a new interview revealing the thoughts going through her head as she processed the horrifying ordeal of bullying directed at her.

While blessed with a stunning outlook on life, a bubbly personality, and a huge heart – Carrie Underwood is just one of many to fall victim to the cruel reality of online bullies – and for the first time, she’s explaining how it’s changed her…forever.

Talking to Redbook Magazine, Underwood tells of how she used to love getting on social media as a way to connect more personally with her fans and audience…but bullies soon took the reigns away and stole that enjoyment from her through vicious attacks and relentless torture.

“You want to be connected to your fans, and I used to feel like I could go through social media and talk to people, really have that communication. But you get to a point where there are too many mean people saying mean things – probably just to get a reaction from you – and eventually I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this’,” Carrie tells the publication. “…bullies have changed the way I react to the world.”

While bullies may have interfered in one of the many ways Carrie engages with her beloved fans, her darling son, Isaiah, is a shining beacon of hope for the country superstar and she says that having him has “changed [her] as a person”.

“I’m happier. I’m in a better mood a lot of the time,” she adds, saying she’s “completely in love”.

What a tight bond they share – and how adorable is he!! Just celebrating his first birthday this year, little Isaiah is bringing an immense amount of joy and happiness to both Carrie and Mike!

Watch Carrie’s video for “Little Toy Guns” below.