How Faith Hill’s Leggy CMA Show Broke The Internet

Taylor Hill / Getty Images

With a thigh-high slit in her dress and her right leg showing during the performance, all eyes were on Faith Hill during this year’s CMA Awards show.

Taking the stage alongside superstar husband Tim McGraw to perform their newest single and title track to their forthcoming duets album, “The Rest of Our Life,” Hill showed off her amazing legs in a way that caught everyone’s attention – and the internet was on fire with people talking about it!

Beyond just a fan account reacting to the performance, hundreds of others went off about how her right leg deserved its own CMA Award and continued on the topic, claiming that her leg literally stole the show during the November 8th performance.

With all the commentary and awe sweeping Twitter by fans shocked to see the 50-year-old songstress and her now-iconic leg, media outlets were quick to jump on the topic and point out just how fantastic her leg has looked all these years. Headlines read “Faith Hill’s leg was the real winner at the CMAs this year” and “Faith Hill’s Leg is The New Angelina Jolie Leg” – referencing a similar gown worn by the actress in 2012.

Photos and screenshots of the stunning performance began to fill up people’s feed and finally, someone crafted a fan account – just for Faith Hill’s right leg! The ensuing commentary posing as her leg is hysterical and began to trend on social media shortly after the show.

Even some of the daily talk shows on cable networks were talking about her leg and its new status as an icon!

Watch the full performance by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill during the 2017 CMA Awards in the video below and let us know what you think of Faith’s dress choice and leggy-show in the comments!