Human Jack-In-The-Box Prank Made Blake Shelton Jump

Twitter/Blake Shelton

Nobody even had to turn the handle for this scary jack-in-the-box to explode right next to the country singer.

Blake Shelton was just minding his own business, signing a couple of things for his adoring fans in honor of his latest major success when someone decided to give him a fright he won’t soon forget!

Celebrating his newest No. 1¬†on the country charts, “Came Here to Forget”, Shelton was hanging out in Nashville for the party his team had thrown for him when one of the team members asked him to sign a guitar.

So far…looks normal.

You can see a large packing box in the background as Shelton walks back and forth across the room, but it doesn’t really seem out of place…yet.

Nanoseconds later, a woman flies straight out of the box he’s standing next to and literally scares him half to death!

But…who was this wild woman stuffed into a box? Definitely not a crazed fan, no – this was his stylist Amanda Craig just pulling a prank on the country crooner!

Luckily for the rest of us, this entire moment was caught on tape! Watch his hilarious jack-in-the-box encounter below!