Hunter Films World Record Elk In Colorado Wilderness

Lee Cox / YouTube

A video of a massive elk with a stunning rack filmed in 2015 is making its rounds again on the internet and here’s everything we know about it.

According to the title of the video, this was a 525-inch elk with 75-inch wide antlers, and was standing in the middle of the forest.

The magnificent creature was looking back towards Lee Cox who appeared to be on a hunting trip, filmed the video and posted it to his YouTube channel.

“525 inch elk 75 inches wide Bull Basin Ranch in Cimarron, Colorado, world record class elk hunting,” he wrote on YouTube.

Watch The Big Elk YouTube Video Below

Bull Basin Ranch is a place where clients from all over the world can go on quality hunting and fishing trips with professional tour guides.

Bull Basin wrote on their website, “Bull Basin Ranch is located in the beautiful cimmaron mountains near Montrose, Colorado. Bull Basin Ranch is the largeest high fench elk hunting ranch witht he largest private herd of elk in North Amierca, offering the finest elk hunting experience in all of North America.”


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On these trips, clients get to see some of the biggest elk racks in America, as well as mule deer, black bear, and mountain lion. Bull Basin Ranch was founded and is owned and operated by Lee and Jennifer Cox.

The two take great pride in the private ranch they own and operate on and make it a priority to maintain their relationships with clients who come to hunt on their land.

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