Hunter Found In -8 Degree Woods After Being Gored By Buck

Steve Adams (@sradams57) / Unsplash

One hunter in Wisconsin is happy to be alive after he was left to die in the frigid temperatures of winter after being attacked and injured by a massive buck.

According to Outsider, a man was seriously injured after being gored in the leg by a buck while he was out hunting all alone in Wisconsin’s forest. The report said that man’s injury was so severe that he was unable to leave the forest and go look for help after the attack.

The hunter was said to have been traveling on his ATV during a snowy winter day when he decided to stop and get off his vehicle to go and look for deer to hunt.

Several reports came in that the man missing which put authorities on the hunt to go looking for him. Initially, they were able to track down the injured man’s ATV, but not him.

They had an idea of where he would be after speaking to locals and went to the area where the ATV was and followed tracks until they found him. As they searched around the area, they found the man lying in the snow seriously injured and needing help.

“On Thursday, January 6, 2022, at 12:41 a.m. the Portage Fire Department was dispatched to N8251 Schultz Road to assist the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office with locating and rescuing a male patient that was lost in the woods,” the Portage Wisconsin Fire Department said.“The patient left to track a deer at about 4:30 p.m. on the west side of the property. The County Sheriff Deputies located the patient’s ATV and began to follow his tracks to attempt to find him.”

Fortunately, the Portage Fire Department was finally able to track and find the injured man in a drainage ditch where he laid in the freezing temperatures for eight hours with a serious wound to his right leg after being gored by a buck he had been tracking during the hunt.

The temperature at the time of his hunt was about -8 with windchill, so its very incredible that he survived the ordeal. He could have easily died of hypothermia but fortunately for him, rescue crews were able to get to him in time.

“The fire crew and deputies contacted Med Flight and had them land in a field close to the patient location,” the Portage Fire Department said.“Once Med Flight landed, the firefighters and deputies packaged the patient in a stokes basket and transferred him to the helicopter. Med Flight staff and rescuers completed packaging and transferred patient into the helicopter.”

Fortunately, the rescue was a success, however, not without initial difficulties in the landing due to snow-covered fields in the area.

“This rescue was a great example of multiple departments and entities working together to save a person’s life,” the Portage Fire Department wrote. “The PFD wants to thank the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department, Med Flight, and the firefighters for responding. And working together to save the life of one of our citizens.”

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