Hysterical Cowboy Can’t Help But Dance When His Favorite Song Comes On


Ever gotten that feeling when your feet just start moving to the beat and you can’t help but break it down? Well, even if you haven’t – this guy is definitely no stranger to it!

Captured by a fellow concert-goer during the 2013 Twister Relief Concert in Norman, Oklahoma, this cowboy’s fancy footwork and incredible dance moves are definitely something that needed to be filmed!

It’s clear that this country fella is huge fan of rock legend Sammy Hagar because nearly the instant the band kicked off his 1984 hit, “I Can’t Drive 55”, his feet were moving to the beat and he was throwing down some serious moves. Not only did he jam, jive, and get jiggy with it, he knew all the words, too! This was obviously one of his favorite songs.

Hagar’s unforgettable jam appeared as the lead single and first track on his album, VOA that dropped in 1984. Reaching unexpected popularity with fans, this track quickly became one of his signature songs and an absolute concert staple. It even was listed as one of VH1’s “100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs”.

In the caption of the video, YouTube user ‘allthingscovered’ reveals the reaction that they had to his mad dancing skills, saying, “This cowboy loves Hagar! He can’t drive 55!!”

This particular video wasn’t the only one captured of this hysterical dancing cowboy, and you can see other bystanders laughing and enjoying his moves while also filming him with their cell phones.

This funny dancing cowboy doesn’t hold back when Hagar comes on, and he’s got the moves to prove it!

Check out this awesome video below.