Iconic “Friends” Theme Song Gets Brilliant Country Twist Y’all Will Love

Taryn Southern YouTube Channel (Top)/(Bottom) brit.co

It was the 1994 debut of what would become one of the most popular television shows of all time that gave viewers not only a character to identify with, but a show to love and grow with! The beloved cast and hilarious plot twists of “Friends” would be seared into our minds, long after the shows final airing episode in 2004, wrapping up ten glorious seasons. However, although the show has ceased production, fans worldwide continue to bask in the unforgettable episodes and Phoebe’s iconic performances of “Smelly Cat”. Yet, regardless of time passed, there’s one famous song from the sitcom that continues to represent the series throughout generations– the opening song titled “I’ll Be There For You”. 

And while the song continues to be a timeless classic in light of its major role in “Friends”, two creative minds chose to give the uplifting beat a bit of a southern twist, producing an enchanting new sound that calls for sweet tea and boots! YouTubers Taryn Southern and Andrew Huang got their creative juices flowing when they not only revamped the hit southern style, but also created an opening montage similar to the ones showcased at the beginning of every “Friends” episode. Yes, they even included a [smaller] water fountain!

Check out the incredible new rendition below and tell us what you think!