If Ronnie Dunn’s Hot Song Was Whiskey, We’d “Be A Damn Drunk”


Ronnie Dunn, most widely known for his performance and popularity in the country duo Brooks and Dunn, recently released a single that has had fans screaming for more!

Dunn’s collaboration not only involved his right-hand man, Kix Brooks but also included Rascal Flatts band member Jay DeMarcus. This talented trio worked tirelessly to bring this powerful number to life and capture the essence of great country music. 

The song’s powerful chorus comes to a heart-stopping close with lyrics like “I love the way you always go and mess me up; if you were a whiskey, girl, I’d be a damn drunk.”

In addition to the single’s mesmerizing lyrics, the southern ranch location in which they filmed the video gives a whole new meaning to the word beautiful! The spacious fields, country mountains, and cliche Southern property with wooden horse stalls create a perfect backdrop for this song.

We all feel that our expectations for Dunn’s hit have definitely been reached, if not surpassed!  Want to decide for yourself? Go ahead and check it out below!