Illinois Man Run Over By Golf Cart After Destructive Tantrum

Dwyer and-Michaels / YouTube

In an incident that unfolded in Moline, Illinois, near the serene North Shore Drive along the Rock River, chaos erupted as a man went on an absolute rampage, wreaking havoc on the neighborhood. But, justice was served in the most unexpected and some might say, hilarious way possible.

It all started with a group of onlookers who could only watch in disbelief as a man, sporting a flamboyant pink shirt, unleashed his fury by hurling rocks through innocent windows. Despite pleas from concerned citizens begging him to cease his destructive spree, this man seemed hell-bent on leaving no glass unbroken.

Guy throwing rocks at one of the houses.
Dwyer and-Michaels / YouTube

Guy On Golf Cart Stops Man Throwing Rocks Through Windows

Reports flooding in from other members of the neighborhood painted a grim picture of the devastation this man had already caused before the video captured the madness. Kevin Nolan, a distraught resident, shared a photo of his windshield, which had fallen victim to one of the man’s rock projectiles.

photo credit: Kevin Nolan

And he was not alone in his misery, as another neighbor shared an image of her door, battered and broken by the raging man’s relentless assault.

photo credit: Melissa Birdsell

But then, in a twist that nobody could have predicted, a group of heroes emerged to save the day! Enter the International Brotherhood of Electricians (IBEW) members, armed with a keen sense of justice and, as it turns out, a golf cart. These fearless electricians took it upon themselves to put an end to the mayhem that had plagued their community.

Dwyer and-Michaels / YouTube

According to Jeremy, one of the brave IBEW members present at the scene, the maniacal vandal first appeared at the IBEW Union building, where he wasted no time wreaking havoc. He knocked over a motorcycle, attempted to tear a door off a car, and relentlessly bombarded vehicles with a relentless barrage of rocks. The cost of repairs for the damaged vehicle alone is estimated to be a staggering $4,500!

Now, the real action begins when the video we’ve all been waiting for kicks into gear. Just as the man was in the midst of vandalizing yet another home, fate intervened in the form of a golf cart hurtling onto the scene.

The golf cart’s driver, who also happened to be the owner of the house under attack, took matters into their own hands (or wheels, rather). With lightning speed, the golf cart collided with the rock-throwing menace, pinning him beneath its wheels and promptly halting his destructive spree.

Dwyer and-Michaels / YouTube

The video of the incident posted to YouTube by Dwyer and-Michaels shows¬†as the sirens wailed in the background, a shocked silence fell over the neighborhood. From underneath the golf cart, the once-ferocious troublemaker could be heard uttering the most unexpected words, “I’m sorry, bro. I’m sorry!It seems even chaos has its limits.

Let this be a lesson to all those who dare disturb the peace of a community: even the most bizarre means of justice can come crashing down upon you. For the rest of us, take solace in the fact that there are still heroes out there, armed with golf carts and a willingness to put an end to chaos in the most unforgettable ways. Stay vigilant, stay safe, and buckle up for the wild ride that is life!

Video Of Man Stoping Guy From Throwing Rocks With Golf Cart Below