In 5 Songs George Strait Explains How To Treat Women Right

Rick Diamond / Staff / Getty Images

Of all the country music singers to hit the charts in the last few decades, none other than the man called ‘The King of Country’ could truly capture the essence of love more.

A true cowboy and honorable man, George Strait, has been singing about love – the good, the bad, and everything else – for more than 40 years, making him an expert on the subject.

One of the most overlooked parts of love is how a man treats a woman, but Strait’s music doesn’t shy from the topic and, instead, embraces it.

With 60 No. 1 singles, there are a lot of great songs to choose from when compiling a list such as this – so we’ve narrowed it down for you!

“Check Yes or No”

George weaves a tale of early love with this chart-topping masterpiece about treating women like a princess and valued part of their life. 

“Love Bug”

Originally issued to the charts by the legendary George Jones (featuring Johnny Paycheck), this song covers the ecstatic “honeymoon phase” where both of the lovers have caught the “love bug”.

Isn’t that how we wish it could be all the time? Well, Strait revels in the beauty and wonder that is part of that phase in a relationship, and enjoying the time you have with a loved one – no matter the stage of a relationship – is the real lesson here.

“Write This Down”

In this upbeat, beloved single, Strait urges all the guys out there to never forget to tell their ladies that they love them and it’ll never change.

A true statement that we all should remember! 

“I Just Want To Dance With You”

Spending true quality time with your best friend and lover is something to always cherish. Just a moment when you’re close and you get to let yourselves get lost in the music and one another is beautiful.

As George says in the song,“I don’t care what they say other lovers do, I just want to dance with you!”

Dancing is good for the soul! (Especially to George Strait’s music!)

“I Cross My Heart”

In this song that first debuted on Strait’s 1992 movie, Pure Country, he talks about spending a lifetime with the love of his life and never letting go, urging others to never watch their soul mate walk away.

The song stormed the charts and has become an international success since its release, bringing beautiful feelings of love and promise to couples everywhere!