“Footloose’ Actor Miles Teller Joins Keith Urban For 2016 ‘My Girl’ Duet

Keith Urban Twitter

Country stars are known for bringing surprise guests on stage to perform a song with them, and such moments are always thrilling for the fans. But when Keith Urban kicked off his concert in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2016, no one was expecting to see the person he eventually welcomed on stage.

Urban’s concert was part of his ripCord World Tour, which has took him across the country. There were many memorable moments on his tour, but his duet with his surprise guest has to be one of the best.

Much to the fans’ delight, Urban welcomed someone to the stage who at first glance doesn’t seem to have any ties to country music. After all, he’s an actor, not a singer. But it turns out that one of the special guest’s first roles was playing country boy Willard Hewitt, a character in the 2011 remake of the musical Footloose, which also starred dancer, actress, and country singer Julianne Hough.

That’s right, Urban’s special guest was none other than Miles Teller. Besides Footloose, the then-29-year-old actor is known for playing the part of Peter Hayes in the popular Divergent film series and also played Mister Fantastic in 2015’s Fantastic Four.

After Urban welcomed Teller to the stage, the two of them broke out into a cover of the classic tune “My Girl.” A video Urban shared on his Twitter shows the duet, during which Urban invited the crowd to sing along. They did just that as Teller stepped up to the microphone and took the lead, while Urban stood by his side and jammed out on his guitar.

Adding a personal touch to the song, Teller changed up a few of the words and sang, “I guess  you’d say, what can make me feel this way? Keith Urban.” Urban responded to Teller’s remark by switching up the words in the next line, as he sang “Talking about Miles Teller.

The crowd fell in love with the duo’s performance, and they rewarded them both with a warm round of cheers and applause once it was finished.

Urban was grateful that Teller joined him on stage, and shared his thankfulness on Twitter, writing, “huge shout out @Miles_Teller for getting up on stage and singing tonite! It was very cool.” Teller responded to Urban’s tweet, writing, “Thanks @Keith Urban for the subtle encouragement haha.

You can watch the moment that Urban and Teller shared the stage in the video that Urban shared, which is included below.