Injured Navy SEAL & Wife Share Kiss After Standing For The First Time

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In the days leading up to their fifth wedding anniversary, the lives of Jonathan and Laura Browning Grant were altered forever. The former Navy SEAL was left in a two-month-long coma following a car accident while serving in Fort Bragg.

The 36-year-old combat medic was found unresponsive at the scene of the accident back in March of this year at the North Carolina-based military camp. The incident left Jonathon with a severe brain injury and only a 10 percent chance of survival with the likelihood he would never stand again, until his devoted wife came to his physical therapy session.

“The physical therapist asked if I wanted to help,” Laura shared in an interview with The Knot. “I threw my flip flops off, rolled my pants up, and jumped right in,” she said before continuing, “It felt like home. It was like our first dance at our wedding.”

The 32-year-old pilates instructor has been at her husband’s side during his difficult road to recovery, believing in God’s ability to heal her heroic husband.

“The human brain has an amazing ability to heal itself with time, but, in Jon’s case, God’s healing hand is clearly evident,” she continued.

Following the accident, a Go Fund Me page, “#StayStrongJohnnyGrant,” was set up on behalf of Jonathan to help pay for their medical bills.

To donate to his Go Fund Me click here as well as watch the emotionally-charged video below.


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