Italian Woman Makes 90 Stuffed Olives During Brain Operation


Many would agree that Italians have some of the most popular cuisine in the world. Generations of recipes and methods of cooking are taught and passed down throughout the Italian culture. One lady, in particular, is taking her cooking skills to the next level.

A 60-year-old patient at a hospital in Ancona, the capital of Italy’s Marche region, underwent surgery to have a tumor removed from her left temporal lobe. Surgeon Roberto Trignani, who runs the neurosurgery department, has carried out about 60 similar operations in the last five years, with his patients awake and performing an activity during surgery. Trignani explained why during an interview with the local news,

“This allows us to monitor the patient while we are intervening on brain functions, and to calibrate our action. “A sick person enters the hospital and finds himself in an unfamiliar environment. With this system, we try and make him feel that he is in a calm and familiar environment.This is the humanization of treatment.”

During the operation the woman pitted olives, stuffed them with meat and cheese, and then rolled them over bread crumbs. During the span of the surgery, she prepared 90 “Ascoli-style”olives, a local specialty of Italy’s Marche region. She even passed along a few recipes to the doctors.

The operation to a total of 2.5 hours and was considered a success.

Watch the video below to learn how to make Ascoli stuffed olives.