Jase & Missy Robertson Reveal They Have Taken In A Newborn

Missy Robertson / Instagram, Jase Robertson / Instagram

Missy Robertson just released a brand-new children’s book titled Because You’re My Family on Tuesday (March 1).


It is the 9th book in a series from Brave Books, a conservative children’s book publisher. She was asked to write a children’s book about “unconditional love of a family.”

On an episode of the podcast Unashamed with Phil Robertson, which is hosted by her father-in-law Phil, brother-in-law Alan, and husband Jase, she explained the plot:

“Young Valor, who is a tiger, is adopted by his lion parents…he gets up in the morning because he has plans to play with his fun uncle…he disobeys his mom. She has other plans for that day, they are to serve a lady down the street who just had a baby, and they’re going to make her a carrot cake.”

She later explains that Valor gets upset that he can’t play with his fun uncle. He goes and gathers the carrots for the cake and dumps them in a ditch because he’s upset. But then, he knows what he just did will get him in trouble so he hides in a ditch from his parents. It starts to rain and the ditch overflows with water. Luckily, his parents find him before the ditch overflows into the river. Valor then asks his parents why they saved him because all he’d done that day is “pout and disobey.” His parents explain to him that they love him, no matter what.

To buy Missy’s book, click here.

Jase revealed that they have some “Breaking News” for everyone. He explained that Missy has been doing a press/media tour promoting her book and one day, she called Jase and told him she had news. He asked her if it was good or bad and Missy said she didn’t know how to answer that.

She cut to the chase: “We have a baby.”  He said his wife said something along the lines of, “When God drops it out of the sky, you catch it.”

Missy interrupted to tell the story how it really happened.

“So just a few days ago, I’m doing some of this media live on a podcast in the house, and my phone starts ringing. I’m ignoring it because I don’t want it to look like I’m not interested. Whoever it is, I’ll call them back,” she said. “But it was one of the girls we’d done ministry with in the past. She mentioned another girl who was also involved in that ministry, and said that she had just had a baby. She was in jail, and just had a baby, and signed him over to me.”

Missy explained just how busy their day was that day she got the call saying, “I didn’t even have time to process it in my brain. I’m trying to gather information.”

She spoke with the social worker who told her the baby, a boy, was born two days prior and was ready to be released from the hospital so she could come pick him up at any time.

“Well that’s not happening,” she told the social worker, due to the craziness of the couple’s day.

She finally told Jase the situation and his reaction was, “Well that’s amazing, because number one: She chose life for this baby.”

Missy revealed that they hadn’t spoken or seen this woman in over two years, but Jase did baptize her years prior and they shared Jesus with her, so clearly that stayed on her heart.

“She thought of us as the safest place for this baby to go,” Missy said.

But, Jase and Missy haven’t been in the baby stage of raising kids in 18-20 years! Their three children are grown and they even have a granddaughter, three-month-old Merris.


Luckily, their time with Merris familiarized them with the newborn baby stage once again. But, as Missy points out, a lot of the things with Merris, like feedings, she saw from a distance. Now, she is in charge of a fully dependent newborn.

At the time of the interview and podcast, Missy said that Mia, their 18-year-old daughter, was at home taking care of the baby boy, which she has done a few times during Missy’s press tour, which is an advantage of having a grown child still living with you!

“We want this woman to get her life right, but we want to put this baby in the best place to succeed,” Jase said. And that is with them. Jase and Missy plan to take care of the baby as long as the mother is incarcerated, and it sounds like even longer if she needs them.

After the podcast episode dropped, Jase announced to his Instagram following about the baby, saying, “Missy was literally explaining to multiple media outlets about the unconditional love outlined in her new children’s book when she got a call that a newborn had suddenly been left in our care. We felt like this baby fell right out of the sky and Missy was there to catch him. What an honor to be asked to step in the gap and show this baby and his mother the unconditional love of our Father. This mother chose life and sought help from the people who introduced her to Jesus. Please pray for this baby, his mother and for us during this uncertain time. My wife is a rock star!”

Jase also included a photo of the baby’s feet, make sure to swipe on his post to see it.


Some might think of their new situation as a burden, but not Jase and Missy. Even the podcast is partly entitled, “Jase and Missy’s New Blessing.”

Take a listen to them tell the story on the podcast below.