Jeff Dunham & Bubba J Participate In Pancake Cooking Challenge

Jeff Dunham YouTube Channel

Meet Jeff Dunham’s Redneck Puppet Bubba J

For years, comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham has been making millions laugh with his crazy cast of puppets. From the hyperactive Peanut to the country boy Bubba J, Dunham’s puppets are quite the bunch.

Bubba J’s character is based on typical redneck stereotypes, which is why he can always be heard professing his love for beer and all things NASCAR. Bubba J isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed either, which often results in hilarious exchanges between him and Dunham.

As one of his main puppets, Bubba J is a star of Dunham’s live comedy shows. He also appears in some hilarious videos Dunham shares, including one involving…pancakes?

The video opens with Bubba J and Dunham sitting at the kitchen table enjoying some coffee. When Bubba J asks what’s for breakfast, he and Dunham both say they were planning on making some pancakes for each other.

Because Bubba J is easily confused, he ends up misunderstanding Dunham and somehow his sister gets brought up into the conversation. Once Dunham gets over that awkward moment, Bubba J challenges him to a contest to see who can make the best-looking pancake.

Let The Game Begin

The two head to the kitchen, where they furiously mix together all of the ingredients needed to make tasty pancakes. Bubba J also takes the time to pause for a quick smoke, making us question how sanitary his pancake was.

Take note, don’t ever eat anything that Bubba J cooks.

Once they finish, Bubba J and Dunham go back to the table for the big reveal. Dunham unveils his pancake first, which is perfectly shaped like Mickey Mouse. 

Whoa, Jeff look at that…that is Mickey Mouse on the nose!” Bubba J says. “Really good. Jeff you are so talented.”

Bubba’s J Pancake Turns Out Better Than You’d Expect

But once Dunham asked to see Bubba J’s pancake, he hesitated. He felt that it wasn’t near as good as Dunham’s, telling him not to look at it because it was “embarrassing.” However, it turns out that Bubba J had absolutely no reason to be embarrassed.

When Dunham finally removed the paper towel off of Bubba J’s pancake, he was stunned by what he saw. Bet y’all were too!

If you can’t get enough of Bubba J and his hilarious antics, look no further than the clip below. This time instead of cooking, he tries to shoot a movie!

As you’d expect, things go off the rails and end up in a hilarious way.