Jeff Gordon Has Only 1 Son – And He Aims To Race One Day

Facebook / Ingrid Vandenbosch

The former NASCAR superstar and Hall Of Fame inductee is the proud father of two beautiful children – and the proud husband to supermodel and actress Ingrid Vandebosch. His family life is one that is filled with bright moments and laughter – and his wife shares a lot of candid moments on her social media channels.

Together Jeff Gordon and Ingrid have welcomed two wonderful blessings into the world since they wed in 2006. Their eldest is a girl named Ella Sofia Gordon, and their youngest, a boy they named Leo Benjamin Gordon.

While both kids carry traits from each parent, you can clearly tell who Leo takes after most.

The Gordon’s only son is about to turn nine years old on August 9th – and we have to say, he’s going to grow up and be the spitting image of his dad! (And he might just take after him in racing, too!)

Check out young Leo making his first laps driving a Quarter Midget below, and see how excited the whole family is when their dad got inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.