Jewel Invites 5-Year-Old Son On Stage For Duet


Country music singer Jewel evoked the sweetest of emotions when she called her 5-year-old son on stage to perform a special song by her side in front of a massive crowd! Little Kase was given an incredibly warm welcome from the eager audience as his superstar mom told fans, “Can you believe this is his first time on stage? I’m very proud of you, baby!” 

Introducing the song her son had been preparing to sing, the country singer explained, “So this is a song that my aunt wrote when she was about 10, and I’ve been singing it since I was about Kase’s age.”

Jewel sweetly assured her son that she would be his support system every step of the way as she gently began to give him a chord. The little boy’s angelic voice flooded the venue, instilling a profound sense of innocence and serenity in those mesmerized by Kase’s courage and talent.

Throughout the performance, Jewel sang alongside her son while counting him in and giving him that extra vocal boost to make his debut performance spectacular. Viewers were brimming with tears as the harmonic voices perfectly blended with another, creating an incredibly unique and raw performance between the mother and young son.

As Kase wrapped up his performance, he shared a quick hug with his mom and scampered off the stage! Jewel must be one proud mama to have such a talented young boy following in her footsteps.

You can watch the heartwarming recording below!