Josh Turner Honors His “Hero” John Anderson By Singing “Seminole Wind”

Josh Turner / YouTube

Josh Turner “Keeps It Country” With YouTube Series Honoring Country Music Legends

Josh Turner started a series on his YouTube channel called “Keepin’ It Country” to honor his country-singing role models. In each installment, Turner takes the time to recognize an artist he considers to be on his “Mount Rushmore” of country music.

For the first “Keepin’ It Country” video, Turner acknowledged Vern Gosdin and sang “Is It Raining at Your House” in his honor.

In episode two, Turner paused to pay tribute to the great John Anderson. He spoke highly of the country legend, and gave him credit for making him love country music:

“…I want focus on John Anderson right now…he’s always been my hero,” Turner said. “He’s been one of the greatest country vocal stylists that we’ve ever had in this business and he’s just a down to earth, genuine, honest guy…I’m proud to call him my friend.”

Billy Dean, John Anderson, and Randy Travis
Ron Galella / Contributor / Getty Images

Turner went on to praise Anderson’s capabilities as a performer and songwriter:

“I’ve learned a lot from him and I just love the way he approaches a song whether he’s writing it or singing… and he’s one those guys that taught me how to be Josh Turner,” he said.

Josh Turner & John Anderson Have Collaborated In The Past

The two singers have worked together before and have a collaborative track called “White Noise.” It was released in 2006 as a track on Turner’s album Your Man.

Turner and Anderson have maintained a close relationship through the years. Certainly, Turner still respects Anderson as much as he did when he was young. So it makes perfect sense why he wanted to pay tribute to him in his “Keepin’ It Country” series.

To honor Anderson, Turner sang one of his most recognizable songs. He selected “Seminole Wind,” which Anderson released in 1992.

Written solely by Anderson, “Seminole Wind” was well-received by critics and fans alike. It went on to claim the second spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and was a #1 country hit in Canada.

Many artists have covered “Seminole Wind” in its nearly 30-year history, including James Taylor, Ana Cristina Cash, and now, Turner.

With only his acoustic guitar to back him up, Turner delivered a raw and authentic rendition of “Seminole Wind.” It’s a performance that would surely make Anderson proud, and we hope he sees it one day.

Tune in to the clip below to watch Turner offer up his rendition of “Seminole Wind” in honor of his friend and hero Anderson. Since the arrangement is stripped down, this performance proves just how talented Turner is as a performer.

Are there any other classic or traditional country songs you’d like to hear Turner sing? He certainly has the voice for them!