Julianne Hough Ate Caterpillars and Elephant Poop For 2016 ‘Running Wild’ Episode

The Today Show via Yahoo!

In a bizarre twist, the blonde superstar and famed DWTS champion was stuck in a vastly different situation than she’s used to and stuck in what seemed like an impossible choice.

Known for her roles as an actress, singer, dancer, and roles on the popular television show, Dancing With the Stars, Julianne Hough isn’t the first girl you would expect to be taking on a survivalist challenge in the wilderness and living off the land – but that’s exactly what happened when she made a guest appearance on Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

During their episode of surviving the wilderness, Hough and Grylls came upon some rather large piles of elephant poop that Grylls handily pointed out were great for survival and nutrition. But he didn’t stop there, they also ran into some caterpillars that he advised were perfect for a quick snack.

While Hough says that her gag reflex started immediately when Grylls began picking up the poop and informing her how to correctly eat it for survival purposes, she admits that swallowing the caterpillars was much more difficult for her.

But in the interview with the Today Show, Grylls tells her that she got off easy!

Apparently when he recently had television star Courteney Cox on the show, he had her eat a rotten sheep carcass!

Watch this insane video below!