The Dude Perfect Guys Race Lawn Mowers

CMT / YouTube

Fans of Dude Perfect are in for a real treat! Even if you’ve never heard of Dude Perfect, you’re going to love this.

Dude Perfect is a YouTube channel featuring five best friends, Tyler, Cody, Coby, Cory, and Garrett, who were all really good at sports trick shots.

They began posting video compilations of them mastering all different kinds of sports and they caught the attention of millions of fans, including CMT. Their very own TV show debuted on CMT in 2016 to a great response and now we get to see even more of their awesome trick shots and crazy antics.

Not only did their show follow them on their trick shot journey, they also followed them on their passion of being outdoorsmen!

In one of our favorite episodes, the guys raced each other on lawn mowers. They are all very competitive, so you know they all really want to win! We’ve seen a few lawn mower races in our day, but this one is just hilarious. Tyler, who is usually the one to beat, gets disqualified early on and opens the gates for the rest of the guys.

CMT / YouTube

Once he’s out, the race really gets interesting. Watch below to find out who won the race!