Justin Moore Suffers Black Eye During Concert In An Insane Way


Justin Moore is currently sporting some new eyewear…and we’re not talking about sunglasses.

On Saturday night (January 21), Moore was performing at the legendary Fox Theatre in Atlanta as part of his American Made Tour he’s co-headlining with Lee Brice. Moore sang all of his fan-favorite songs during the concert, including his 2009 release “I Could Kick Your Ass.”

During his performance of “I Could Kick Your Ass,” Moore invited a special guest on stage who knows a thing or two about fighting. That special guest was wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, who surprised everyone when he sang “I Could Kick Your Ass” along with Moore.

But Page took the song a bit too literally. At the end of the performance, Page wrapped Moore up in a headlock and threw him to the ground. This particular move is considered Page’s signature, and is referred to as “The Diamond Cutter.”

There were clearly no hard feelings between the two, as it was all in fun. Moore later shared a video of the hit, simply writing, “He diamond cut me.”


From the video, it looks like Moore handled the hit pretty well. But a member of Moore’s team posted a photo that proved otherwise.

The photo shows Moore looking straight at the camera, with one eye swollen and blackened up. There’s also a small mark above his eye that looks like a cut or a bruise. Looks like Page really got him good!


Moore has too much to look forward to this year to let an injury like this get in the way. His American Made Tour continues on through March, and he has many other performances scheduled throughout the year.

If you look at Moore’s tour schedule, you’ll notice that he only has two shows scheduled for the entire month of June. That has something to do with a major event in Moore’s family life that is set to take place that month.

As Moore announced in an Instagram post on Friday (January 20), he and his wife, Kate, are expecting their fourth child in June! The couple already has three daughters together, Ella (6), Kennedy (5), and Rebecca (2). Moore shared his excitement over their family’s upcoming addition, writing, “To have the opportunity to become parents again, is such a blessing and one we are so thankful to God for. We pray for a healthy baby boy or girl.


With so much going on in his life, maybe it would be in Moore’s best interest to not invite any more wrestlers to his shows? We hope his eye heals up quickly!