Kelly Clarkson Delivers Knock-Out Halloween Surprise

Credit: Facebook/Kelly Clarkson

In spirit of one of the most fun holidays, this iconic superstar gives her fans a chilling surprise from a magical garden of succulents!

After working a full day, and getting things prepped for a party she hosted this weekend, Kelly Clarkson donned a fluffy wig eerily similar to that of Australian pop goddess, Sia….and it wasn’t just for show!

“I don’t know how she does this ’cause, ya know, you can’t see,” She laughed about the pop star’s wig choices. “But it’s also kind of awesome, because you’re in your own little world when you’re performing …”

And it was apparent that she couldn’t really see out of it, because she didn’t know the camera had began rolling at first!

Without wasting another moment, Clarkson delivered a powerhouse rendition of Sia’s 2014 super-hit “Chandelier” – and did it all a cappella!

Truly showcasing just how unbelievably talented she is, this performance delighted her fans, leaving them chilled from the ghostly high notes she reached and the ease with which she delivered this enchanting performance!

Additionally, Clarkson also plugged her upcoming ‘Miracle on Broadway’ holiday show that benefits many Nashville-area charities and will feature a bevy of familiar faces (and voices)!

Check out Kelly Clarkson’s dazzling a cappella showcase in the video below!