Kelly Clarkson Gets Blocked During Epic 4-Chair-Turn Voice Audition

thejohnnybliss / Instagram

The claws are back out! Following a blind audition during Monday (March 5) night’s airing of The Voice, coach Adam Levine blocked fellow coach Kelly Clarkson from her chance of working with a talented Puerto Rican contestant.

“I blocked Kelly,” shared Levine with 25-year-old Johnny Bliss. “I thought, who is gonna stand in my way of this, if I could block everyone I would have.”

Bliss earned a solid 4-chair-turns from each of the superstar coaches with a stunning rendition of patriotic Puerto Rican anthem, “Preciosa.”

“I can’t believe I’m looking at you right now!” Bliss said to Clarkson.

“I cant’ believe I’m looking at this blocked, Adam!” said a disappointed Clarkson. “I am so sad that you are not on my team, I feel this firmly in my heart, that this music is missing from radio.”

While Clarkson may not have had the chance to coach Bliss, she can take solace in the fact that neither will Levine. After singing her hit single “If I Ain’t Got You” in Spanish, Alicia Keys earned over the heart of the talented vocalist.

You can watch it all go down below!