Kentucky Hunter Kills Incredibly Rare All-White Turkey

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area - U.S. Forest Service / Facebook

According to the U.S. Forest Service, a man hunting at the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in Western Kentucky, shot and killed an incredibly rare, all-white turkey.

“It wasn’t the beard or the spurs that were impressive but instead its beautiful white color,” Land Between the Lakes wrote on Facebook

They called it a “turkey of a lifetime” because there is only an estimated one out of every 100,000 wild turkeys that have leucism, a condition that causes the animal to partially lose its pigmentation and appear white.

Wildlife officials said that was not the only all-white turkey that was hunted and killed recently. A hunter named Troy Cornett from North Carolina showed pictures on Facebook of another recent kill of a wild turkey with leucism.

Troy also said he had been hunting the turkey for nearly two years before he finally got the chance to bag it. He shot the bird from about 45 yards away and it ran straight to him before laying down and dying about eight steps away from him.

“This is where the story of this magnificent, beautiful, once in a lifetime, fully albino, North Carolina long beard ends,” Troy wrote on Facebook. “I am so blessed and fortunate to have had a chance to pursue a bird of this rarity, let alone harvest him. The level of gratitude I have for this experience is indescribable.”

See Troy’s Full Facebook Post With Pictures Below