Kid Rock Cancels Annual “Fish Fry” – And Here’s Why

YouTube / Kid Rock

What was supposed to be the 5th Annual Kid Rock’s Fish Fry in the heart of Nashville has now been canceled just several months before its usual October dates. For fans who have been going since the inaugural event – it’s surely a disappointment, but there’s a reason for the cancellation.

Kid Rock took to Facebook to break the news to fans all over in a very somber-toned video that clearly shows he was as disappointed about this as fans.

Last year the event and concert were held at Nashville’s Carl Black Chevy Woods Amphitheater at the Fontanel Mansion & Farm. As many would expect, the two-day event is headlined by none other than Kid Rock himself, but also features a serious amount of fried food, fair treats, and carnival games for everyone to enjoy. Plus, they had fireworks, booze, a car show, and “other rock n roll hillbilly shenanigans.”

Unfortunately, the planned 2019 fall event will not be happening.

In the video announcement, Kid Rock opened up about the cancellation of the Fish Fry, saying “I have some good news and have some bad news – the bad news is that there will be no Fish Fry this year. And that definitely sucks. It’s one I look forward to every year.” 

Adding some details about the cancellation it appears that the venue was sold, they found an alternative but couldn’t acquire the permits to do it at the other one – and ultimately they’ve had to cancel the entire event.

We are definitely bummed to hear this, but he did say they plan on getting it all ironed out so that next year’s event goes off without a hitch – so that’s definitely something to look forward to!

Watch his full video below and let us know if you were planning on coming down to Nashville for the Fish Fry.