Kris Kristofferson & Barbra Streisand Sing ‘Evergreen’ In ‘A Star Is Born’

dugsbugs1 / YouTube

Since there are several versions of the film A Star Is Born, every fan has their favorite adaption.

Some may love the original 1937 version, which starred Janet Gaynor and Fredric March. Unlike all the remakes, this version did not feature any music, as the main roles were actors – not singers.

Judy Garland and James Mason starred un the 1954 version, while Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand helmed the 1976 remake. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga starred in the 2018 version, garnering them both Academy Award nods for acting.

While all the films follow the same storyline – a young, talented woman is discovered by an aging veteran in the business whose demons get the best of him – each one has their own original music and take on a classic tale.

Everyone knew pop star Lady Gaga had the pipes to carry the film, but no one figured that Cooper would be able to match her talent. A duo who everyone knew would be able to deliver the incredible vocals necessary to make the story believable was Kristofferson and Streisand, who were both already considered legends in their field.

Like the most recent A Star Is Born, the 1976 version had a song win a Golden Globe, a Grammy, and an Academy Award. Gaga and Cooper won the same awards for “Shallow.”

The song that won all those awards in the 1976 version is called “Evergreen,”  and it was performed by Kristofferson and Streisand in the film, and written by the latter and Paul Williams.

In the movie, the singers performed the gorgeous love song in a recording studio, serenading each other while exchanging coy smiles and holding hands. You can really tell how much these characters loved each other

Watch them sing “Evergreen” together in the video below.