Kroger Customers Scream & Throw Mountain Dew When Told Buying Limit Is 3

ViralHog / YouTube

The coronavirus pandemic has many people panicking over food, water, and the basic essentials to survive. Many flock to the grocery stores in groves to snatch up all the toilet paper, bread, and disinfecting wipes against government official’s plea to not do so.

One Kentuckian couple, a man and a woman, was captured on camera getting pretty upset when Kroger employees told them they couldn’t buy 23 cases of Mountain Dew. The video was captured by a lady passing by who said the couple walked up to the register with two carts holding 23 cases of Mountain Dew. One cart was behind them and had 17 cases in it and the other cart was in front of them and it had 6 cases.

As they approached the register they gave the cashier one case to be scanned. The cashier then informed them that due to the COVID-19 outbreak they had a new restriction policy. Kroger was limiting soda to three cases per household. The man didn’t like to hear that and angrily told her to get her manager, in which she did. The manager told him the same thing, the limit was three cases.

He then proceeded to tell them that he was going to purchase three cases now, take them out of the store and then come back in and purchase three more cases, and then do that over and over again until he had all 23 cases purchased. Note: there are 24 cans in each case so that’s a total of 552 cans the couple was looking to buy.

This is when the lady who witnessed this started recording the situation. As you’ll see in the video below, the guy basically screamed at the cashier, called her a liar, rude and said he’s surprised she still had a job. The woman then threw two of the Mountain Dew cases out of her cart onto the counter and walked out of the store.

The lady filming couldn’t help but commentate, “These folks are losing their minds over some Mountain Dew,” as they were screaming at the cashier. Then when the woman started throwing the Mountain Dew cases the lady filming said “Oh no, you need to go.”  

Watch The Full Video Below To See This For Yourself