Late Christina Grimmie Lives On In Adorable Film “Matchbreaker” Set For October Debut

Former Voice contestant Christina Grimmie was without a doubt one of the most vibrant and memorable singers on the coveted show. A former YouTube sensation, Grimmie made her Voice debut during the show’s sixth season, ultimately placing a respectable third place and going on to further her music career. Tragically, Grimmie was shot and killed in a targeted attack outside of a concert venue in Orlando, FL while signing autographs after a performance. The young talent’s death struck fans and musicians hard, all of whom had been graced by her talent and energy.

Although only a few short months since her untimely death, Grimmie is being remembered by a film that she contributed to prior to her murder. Making her acting debut, the singer plays a heavy role in the movie, by up and coming director Caleb Vetter, titled “The Matchbreaker”. The doting film features a man who, upon getting fired from his current job, takes the career path of being a “matchbreaker”. Rather than working diligently to unite promising couples, our main man is paid by parents whom do not approve of their child’s significant other and need them gone for good! The movie’s creative plot has fans eager to see the film, as well as the opportunity to see Grimmie grace the screen as a former 3rd grade school crush gone adult singing for a nightly audience. After all, it was Grimmie’s voice that captivated the world, so it is only fitting to showcase her natural talent.

The film is set to be released in theaters on October 7th. You can watch the promising trailer below to see just how enchanting the film will be.