Late Night TV Gets A Pick-Me-Up Courtesy Of Trace’s Scorching Track ‘Something’s Going On’

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Once Trace Adkins announced the release of his new record, Something’s Going On, all of his fans were curious to hear the title track. Adkins satisfied that curiosity by releasing a lyric video for the song before the album hit the shelves.

Fans quickly learned that “Something’s Going On” was the suave track on the album, running along the same lines as some of Adkins’ previous songs such as “Hot Mama” and “I Left Something Turned On at Home.” The lyrics describe an attractive woman who goes all out and dresses to impress. Of course the narrator can’t resist such beauty, and he wants to figure out what exactly is going on with this woman in his life.

The seductive songwriting and Adkins’ deep baritone voice combine on the song to create a scorching-hot track that made plenty of country girls swoon. If the song alone didn’t do it, the lyric video certainly did. It ups the ante with images of fire and a dark silhouette of a gorgeous woman.

But if you thought the lyric video was smokin’, wait until you listen to Adkins perform the song live. He did just that during a June 2017 appearance on the late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

Adkins offered a bit of a pick-me-up to the late night program with his alluring delivery of the songs sensual lyrics. Seriously ladies, there’s no way you can watch this and not feel a little weak in the knees!

Prepare to be charmed by Adkins and everything going on in “Something’s Going On” when you watch his Jimmy Kimmel performance below. Like what you hear? Then we’re sure you’ll love the entire album!

Give yourself the chance to listen to “Something’s Going On” and the other tracks when you download the full album here. It’s one record that you’ll find yourself playing over and over again!