LeAnn Rimes Gets Candid About Her Blended Family


Country superstar LeAnn Rimes sat down with the ladies of “Loose Women” talkshow to set the record straight on her newly blended family.

LeAnn has been married to her husband Eddie Cibrian for five years after his very public divorce from reality star Brandi Glanville seven years ago. LeAnn gained two stepsons in her marriage to Eddie from his previous marriage at the young age of 28.

“My stepsons are nine and thirteen. They were two and six when I first met them,” LeAnn shares. “It was quite the adjustment…Over the past year, year and a half, I feel like we’re finally settled in.”

LeAnn and the ladies of the talk show discuss transitioning into a blended family while in the public eye. The country star opened up about how even though she is a celebrity, she still feels the same pain and heartache that anyone else would.

“I really can’t talk about it so much,” she shares regarding the difficulties surrounding her family’s transition. “Women supporting women is so important…We just tear each other down…I think because I’ve been judged and I’ve been in the public eye I’m so aware of it. Being a stepmom and trying to raise kids that come from a different place, it’s very hard.”

LeAnn also says in the interview that her husband has been her biggest teammate in her immense life adjustment and also added that the boys are very well-behaved and have always been very respectful of her.


In the midst of learning the ropes of parenting LeAnn has also been refocusing her energy back onto her music. Her new single “The Story” is about letting go of the difficult parts of her past and how while they were painful when going through them, they are important because they’ve made her who she is today.

You can watch the full interview in the video below and be sure to let us know what you think!