LeAnn Rimes Sings Through Tears In This Glorious Patsy Cline Tribute

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This incredible tribute performance from LeAnn Rimes at the highly anticipated American Country Awards in 2013 brought country music legend, Patsy Cline, back into the hearts of fans who tuned in,

The performance was filmed in a simple black and white filter to build upon the vintage element. Rimes was  dressed in stunning white gown, and could be seen cradling a microphone resembling the older antique models that Cline often used throughout her career.

Rimes’ powerful vocals and genuine emotion captivated her audience as she channeled soulful renditions of Cline’s classics, “Crazy” and “Leavin’ On Your Mind.”

Cline’s untimely death in 1963 broke the hearts of fans and fellow entertainers worldwide. It has been suggested that Rimes’ very first hit, “Blue,” was originally written for Cline prior to the tragedy. Rimes recorded the song when she was only 13, and it served as the kickstart to her sensational music career.

Check out the tribute below and tell us what you think!