Lee Ann Womack Just Called Out Modern Country Music

Harmony Gerber / Contributor / Getty Images

Since her breakout album in 1997, country singer Lee Ann Womack has released eight albums and accumulated several ACM Awards, CMA Awards, Grammys, as well as the respect of her peers.

She definitely knows a thing or two about country music, which is why PBS television host Evan Smith asked her about the direction the genre is going on his show Overheard.

“What they call country music now, mass-market as country music, is obviously not country music,” she said.

Smith asked her, “What is it?” and she responded, “I don’t know what it is!

While her comments may be controversial to some, her fans on social media completely backed her up and applauded her for speaking out.

Speak it, girl!!” one fan wrote, while another commended her with, “Boom!” and five applause emojis.

Check out her candid response below.


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Watch Womack’s music video for her mega-hit “I Hope You Dance” in the video below.