5-Year-Old Boy Leads Bear In Jumping Game At Zoo

Nightline / Facebook

One of the best parts about little kids is their pure zest for life. 5-year-old Ian proves this to be true.

The young boy is a frequent flyer at the Nashville Zoo, thanks to the many trips he takes there with his dad, Patrick Parker. The father-son duo were likely at the zoo when this video was taken to explore the new Expedition Peru: Trek of the Andean Bear exhibit, which opened in March 2018 and features multiple animals.

Nashville Zoo president Rick Schawrtz described the Andean Bears to The Tennessean before the exhibit’s opening, saying, “Every day they will build a new nest … they love to swim. A lot of bears, like grizzly bears, are kind of lazy, but these bears are just active. They are very inquisitive.


And if this video is any indication, Schwartz was correct – they are active!

Ian stood on the other side of the glass from a playful Andean bear who was staying cool in the water. As Ian began jumping up and down with his hands pointed to the sky…so did the bear! The more Ian jumped. the more the bear did, as well. It was copying the little boy’s every move!

ABC Television Stations/YouTube

According to ABC News, Parker, who filmed his son’s encounter with the bear, said that the two enjoyed a “10-minute jump session.”

Watch the sweet video below!