Lee Ann Womack Just Called Out Modern Country Music

Since her breakout album in 1997, country singer Lee Ann Womack has released eight albums and accumulated several ACM Awards, CMA Awards, Grammys, as well as the respect of her peers. She definitely knows a thing or two about country music, which is why PBS television host Evan Smith asked her about the direction the genre […] More

5 Things You Never Knew About Lee Ann Womack

As one of the best-known female artists in country music, and widely known throughout other genres, too – Lee Ann Womack has made her mark on the world through her life’s passion: music. First breaking onto the country music scene in 1997 with the release of her debut, self-titled album, Womack never looked back and […] More

Lee Ann Womack Sings “I Hope You Dance” In 2000’s Music Video

One of the biggest selling songs in the history of country music, this dazzling and iconic song made an incredible impression on everyone whom it touched. Lee Ann Womack was just a young Texas gal when she first discovered her love for country music. It wasn’t too long after that, that she began helping her […] More