5 Things You Never Knew About Lee Ann Womack

Al Pereira / Getty Images

As one of the best-known female artists in country music, and widely known throughout other genres, too – Lee Ann Womack has made her mark on the world through her life’s passion: music.

First breaking onto the country music scene in 1997 with the release of her debut, self-titled album, Womack never looked back and soared to incredible heights of success – the likes of which she probably never imagined.

Today, she remains a beloved and cherished part of country music and we’ve put together a fun list of lesser-known facts about this talented artist to let you get to know her a little better!

Her Love Of Music Started With Helping Her Dad At His Job

As just a child, Womack was first exposed to a large amount of music when she would go to work with her father, who was a radio disc jockey. Often times, he would bring her to work and have her help pick out which songs and records to play on air. This kind of great relationship with music surely helped influence her career choice in ways. When she was helping her dad pick out records, she probably never thought that one day her own would be playing on the air and heard by millions worldwide!

She Started Out Promoting Herself As A Songwriter

After working as an intern for the A&R department of MCA Records while in college, Womack then spent a few years raising her children before returning to music and promoting her own songwriting. She attended various songwriter’s nights and showcasing her works. Eventually, she inked a deal for songwriting in 1995. She went on to write music with legends like Bill Anderson and Ricky Skaggs with the latter cutting one of her works, “I Don’t Remember Forgetting.”

On her debut album, Womack included one of her own works, titled “Am I The Only Thing You’ve Done Wrong.”

Her Only Grammy Win Had Nothing To Do With Her Biggest Hit

Not too long after she stormed the charts with “I Hope You Dance”, this country songstress earned her first Grammy Award alongside a country music legend.

While her biggest hit was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 2001, Womack’s first win happened two years later with the release of Willie Nelson‘s “Mendocino County Line”. The heartbreaking song took home top honors for Best Country Collaboration, and that same year she also earned another nomination for her own track “Something Worth Leaving Behind”.

Take a listen to the award-winning duet with Nelson in the video above!

She’s Not Just A Music Star – She Also Played One On TV

Taking on a whole new career direction, Lee Ann Womack donned a new hat for her role in 2003’s The District TV Show. Playing a popular singer, she receives horrible death threats that lead her to seek protection from the police department in Washington D.C. for her forthcoming event at The Kennedy Center.

While the above clip is not from her specific episode, it should give you an idea of the intensity and drama that she was able to take part in for this new acting gig.

She Impressed Hank Williams Jr. With Her ‘Country Grit’

Appearing on Hank Jr.‘s outdoor TV special, Womack shocked him with her real country ‘grit’ during an intense fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico – and they rounded out the day singing songs and playing music on the dock of his waterside property.

Originally, he thought she might be too pretty to make it, but once all the wheels got rolling – he was definitely surprised!

“We’re 40 miles out in the Gulf Of Mexico and there’s squid and slimy stuff all over the deck, but she never got sick. She jumped in there with that big reel and reeled ’em in… She was perfect! She was great!” Williams revealed to CMT. “I thought, ‘Man, I’m afraid she could get hurt and might fall in.’ Let me tell you something: Lee Ann Womack is a country girl. She knows what she’s doing. And I loved it. I was pleasantly surprised. (One minute) she’s sitting there putting lip gloss on and reading a fashion magazine (and then) she jumped up there… There’s some grit to Lee Ann Womack, let me tell you that.”

Throughout her decades as a country music songwriter and award-winning artist, Lee Ann Womack has truly made a mark on the world with her incredible talent – and it’s one we all are thankful for every day.

Learning all these fun facts about her only makes us love her more, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for the future!