TV Host Brought To Tears By Kellie Pickler’s Emotional New Song

CMT / YouTube

To Kellie Pickler, her grandparents were so much more than just her grandparents. They were the ones who cared for her throughout most of her childhood, taking on the parental roles in her life.

Kellie always considered her grandmother, Faye, to be the mother figure in her life. She treasured her advice and guidance, and credits her for helping her become the woman and artist she is today.

Faye passed away in 2002, just one day after being diagnosed with lung cancer.It was very sudden, there’s no way to prepare for that,” Kellie told ABC News during an emotional interview in 2014.

To recognize everything her grandmother did for her throughout her life, Kellie crafted a brand new song in her honor. Titled “If It Wasn’t for a Woman,” Kellie lays out all of the life lessons her grandmother taught her. Now that she has grown, she realizes that she wouldn’t be who she is today without her grandmother.

Kellie co-wrote the song with her husband Kyle Jacobs and songwriter Brian Bunn. During an interview clip from her reality show I Love Kellie Pickler, Kellie explained how it was a bit scary for her to record such a song.

I really put myself in a vulnerable situation sharing something so personal,” she said. “But that’s what songwriting was about, that’s what country music’s about.”

Kellie played the song for country radio broadcaster and TV host Storme Warren, who is best known for hosting the Headline Country show on GAC. Storme’s opinion clearly means a lot to Kellie, as she told him that he was the first person in the music business to ever hear the song.

Based on his reaction, you can tell that Storme felt an instant connection to the song. It wasn’t long before he started tearing up, visibly emotional after what he had just heard.

Wow, I just walked through a photo album,” he said, still fighting back tears. “Kellie, great job. The entire world needs to hear this song.”

We couldn’t agree more with Storme. Tune in below to watch Kellie introduce “If It Wasn’t for a Woman” to him to see his full reaction.

Hopefully Kellie plans to release this as a single in the future. It has the power to touch so many lives.