Little Big Town Brings Their Children On Stage For Special Performance Of Hit Song

Greg Ivey / YouTube

Seeing as this was the music video debut for their kids, it makes total sense that they’d join them on stage! During Little Big Town‘s Saturday (April 21) performance, the band brought up their children, while the music video for their song “Happy People” played on the screen behind them.

Most of the kids were showing off their best “floss” dance, made famous by the ever-viral “Backpack Kid,” but two of the girls got to help Karen Fairchild sing lead!

One of those girls that took the mic is Kimberly Schlapman’s daughter Daisy, while her baby daughter Dolly also made a sweet appearance! Schlapman shared an adorable photo from the night on Instagram.

Jimi Westbrook and Karen Fairchild’s son is the little boy wearing the Star Wars shirt. The married couple called him over to finish the song and give him a kiss on the head, which was so cute!

Watch the sweet family moments below.