Singer Ashley Monroe Lost Dad At 13, & Her 2018 Song, “Daddy, I Told You,” Honors Him

Ashley Monroe/Facebook

For anyone who’s lost their dad, you’ll understand the power of this song from Ashley Monroe’s album, Sparrow.

Music has a way of being a way some people can express their feelings, even better than regular words can. For those of us who have lost a parent, the pain can be almost unbearable at times. That’s where songs like Ashley’s “Daddy I Told You” can hold your hand and lead you to a little comfort.

Her lyrics remind us that while they might be gone, you can always talk to them in your own way. She sings, “Daddy I told you I was gonna fly/ I’d get out of that town alive/ Don’t worry, I kept your name and your picture in a frame.”

Every father wants the best for their child, even if it means moving away and enjoying fewer visits. As a child, no matter your age, you know there will be a day when one of your biggest champions isn’t there to see you succeed, to cross the finish line and declare victory. That’s when you have to believe your loved one is somewhere nearby watching you.  

Monroe got into music when she was eleven years old. A short two years later, her dad passed away from cancer. As an adult, Monroe has become an incredible singer-songwriter and owes it all to her father, who pushed her to strive for greatness.

She explains this in her song saying, “Remember how you made me sing them hymns on the back porch/ Daddy, don’t you know I’m carrying your spirit like a torch”

Everyone grieves in their own way. For the Pistol Annies member, her music collects her tears and lends a little comfort. Life has never been the same since her father passed, but that won’t stop her from pushing forward. Now, Ashley is a mother herself. With the love and support of her family and friends – it looks like she’s going to continue doing great things.

You can listen to the song in the video below and let us know what you think of her song in the comments!