Live Footage From 1977 Shows Marshall Tucker Band’s Incredible Talent With “Can’t You See”


One of the most-recognizable songs in the history of country music, this signature song for The Marshall Tucker Band is one that has truly stood the test of time, but hearing a live recording of the original band pouring their hearts out into it is something no country fan should miss.

Performing their best-known hit and fan favorite song, “Can’t You See”, The Marshall Tucker Band was filmed during a live performance in 1977 and the video speaks volumes for their impressive talent and charisma as a band.

Written by band member Toy Caldwell, the band originally debuted this Southern rock masterpiece in 1973 as the lead single for their self-titled debut album. It soared across the charts not once, but twice after the band chose to re-release it just four years later.

“Can’t You See” has become a timeless piece of country music history and part of that is due to a large number of legendary artists issuing their own covers of the song and continuing to perform it during their concerts. Greats like Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Jr., Charlie Daniels Band, Alabama,  and more have all covered this unforgettable classic.

Watch The Marshall Tucker Band’s unparalleled live performance of “Can’t You See” in the video below and prepare for a throwback like you’ve never felt before!