Montgomery Gentry Rolls Back To Folk Rock With Bluntly-Honest “Long Line Of Losers”

Mindy Small / Getty Images

Dropping a track that reminds folks of some huge names in the 70’s like Hank Jr. and Alabama, the boys from Montgomery Gentry pull out all the stops with their 2009 hit, “Long Line of Losers”.

Released as the fourth single from their album, Back When I Knew It All, Eddie and Troy’s voices are paired perfectly on the harmonies for this sing-along style story about their family tree filled with folks that made less-than-savory decisions in their lives.

The rich honesty and frank lyrics open the song with relatable references and added humor, bringing it squarely into the fold with barroom favorites that folks always request at one point throughout the night.

Outlining each of the family member’s indiscretions, the song begins talking about Granddaddy’s moonshine business, Grandma running away and leaving the kids, then moves into other parts of the family but culminates in one simple sentiment:

“I come from a long line of losers
Half outlaw half boozers
I was born with a shot glass in my hand
I’m part hippie a little red neck
I’m always a suspect
My blood line made me who I am”

If you’re like us and you’ve always loved Eddie and Troy’s own flavor of rocking country music, this folk rock flavored anthem will likely become one of your favorites from them after the first time hearing it.

Check out Montgomery Gentry’s unforgettable “Long Line of Losers” in the video below!

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