Loretta Lynn’s Cousin Tara Thompson Gives 2016 Performance Of ‘You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly’

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The Queen of Country Loretta Lynn’s cousin is following in her famous relative’s footsteps by chasing big Nashville dreams and from the sound of it, the apple doesn’t stray too far from the family tree.

“It wasn’t until about third grade that I realized Loretta was famous,” explains Loretta’s cousin, Tara Thompson in an interview with Forbes. “I saw her in my history book and was like, ‘That’s my cousin! I got to watch her perform from behind the scenes as a little kid, and I would think ‘Whoa! I want to do that!'” 

After a 10-year struggle, Thompson finally landed a record deal with The Valory Music Co. and has landed a spot on CMT’s 30-Date Next Women of Country Music Tour in 2016.

“I love reading all the ‘new girl in town!’ and ‘overnight sensation’ comments, because it took a lot of years for this ‘new girl’ to find overnight success,” continues the singer.

Thompson wanted to achieve her success on her own accord and refrained from using the name of her cousin that would have certainly expedited her success in the country music capital. The singer spent long hours covering classic country songs in dive bars and honky-tonks – even singing Christmas Day – in hopes that her big break would walk through the door at any given moment.

“I didn’t want to use her and I didn’t want to go through her and use all her connections,” she explains in an interview with NPR. “I wanted to do it by myself.

While she may not have used her famous relative’s name to get her foot in the door that doesn’t mean the country newcomer is depriving Loretta’s fans from the classic covers they are dying to hear. Thompson, with the help of fellow country singer Jarred McAlister, perform a striking duet of Loretta and Conway’s “You’re the Reason Our Kids are Ugly” that is highly reminiscent of the original.

Watch Thompson and McAlister’s dazzling cover of the country classic in the video below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!