Country Singer Tyler Farr Sings Andrea Bocelli’s Part In Celine Dion Duet “The Prayer”

Facebook/TylerFarr (Left), New York Guest (Right)

Watch out Andrea Bocelli…you’ve got some country competition on the rise!

In 2016, country singer and songwriter Tyler Farr took a break from his wild ride of a tour with Brad Paisley and did what any true singer loves to do in their off-time: sing some more!

But, this wasn’t just any ol’ singing session…no, this was something much more than that! You see, Tyler Farr is hiding a secret weapon up his sleeve that he’s prone to just pull out at any given time.

From his rugged look and country anthems, nobody would have guessed that – but he put all the doubts to rest with a video posted to social media recently!

Singing the world-renowned super-hit by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, “The Prayer,” Farr gives his fans one massive surprise when he belts out some of those super strong operatic notes!

Check out his full video below for an experience you’ve got to see to believe!