Luke Combs Drops Music Video For “Lovin’ On You” With Young Versions Of Himself & Wife Nicole

Luke Combs / Facebook

On Wednesday (Sept. 8), Luke Combs teased the release of his “Lovin’ On You” music video on social media. Just from the few photos in the tease, we saw his wife Nicole will be making an appearance, as well as two kids that resemble them.

The video begins with a VHS tape with the label “Birthday ’98” being played on a television. A young Luke Combs, clad in his signature black fishing shirt and hat, got out of a station wagon with a birthday present and ran into a skate rink.

Inside, footage cut between the kids’ birthday party Luke performing “Lovin’ On You” from the center of the rink with his band. Also at the party were kid versions of his band!

Little Luke clearly has a crush on the birthday girl and spends the majority of the video trying to get her attention. She tries to get a pair of new skates with some tickets she won, but was sad when she didn’t have enough. Luke knew that was how he’d win her heart, so he set out to win as many tickets as he could on a guitar arcade game called “Neon Dream,” a nod to a lyric in his song “Honky Tonk Highway.”

After he won a lot of tickets on “Neon Dream,” young Luke turned them in for a brand-new pair of white roller skates with pink wheels and gave them to the birthday girl.

There is also a nod to his 2017 “When It Rain It Pours” music video.

Luke Combs / YouTube

Cut back to modern day, Luke turns in one ticket to an employee, who turns out to be his wife, Nicole.

Their playful relationship really came out at the very end, when Nicole – wearing the same white roller skates with pink wheels – told Luke all he could get with his one ticket was a whoopee cushion. His response was, “I do love a good fart,” which made them both throw their heads back in laughter.


The date on the video actually reads “July 22 1998,” which would have been his wife Nicole’s 6th birthday. Although they haven’t really known each other since childhood, the video is so cute!

Watch the music video below.